My Trojan has a very very long History, so once upon a time.........,

Part  I

In 11- 9-1925  TROJAN chassis 7447  engine number 8765 wheels 710X90, was registered in Portugal with registration number AA-89-48.

Part II

It changed hands after a long period to Antonio Ferreira de Almeida with some of the original tools, Trojan service manual (third edition May 1928 reprinted May 1930), and Trojan illustrated spare parts catalogue 8th edition, home edition price 2/- January 1929. This fellow sent the engine for repair to a local and tried to fit the hood - so he wrote to Trojan Owners Club in 1977 asking about tyres and hood frame. I do have not a copy of this letter, may be you have ?

In reply, that letter I have, Secretary - Alistair Hacking, Upper Woodhouse, Billingshurst, Sussex who wrote to me on 7th July 1977 about the wheels and the hood, and sent some drawings of the hood sticks.

Ok that's the end of part II

Part III

On the death of the previous owners I bought the car on 11th August 1998 but I ran out of money to pay for the car but have kept it in dry store at my house. On 6th May 2000 I went to London and in my usual visit to Motor Books library I brought number 313/500 limited case bound edition of 'Can you afford to walk' by Eric Rance & Don Williams. I was very disappointed because consulting page 222 the schedule of all known Trojans today I was not able to find my car, IT SEEMS THAT INFORMATION PROVIDED IN JULY 1977 TO TROJAN OWNERS CLUB WAS LOST.

But I read both Profile Publication number 80 'Trojan Utility' and on eBay 'TROJAN R.E. INSTRUCTION BOOK' and I decided that time for restoration arrive. So actually 7447 is painted black and blue, engine in is place but I don't know if it works , I have not tried yet and I would like very much a correct drawing of Iron part 0964 (l.h. of the hood) and also I think it's necessary, Iron part 01379 (page 46 Trojan spare parts catalogue).

I have lots of photos but they must be treated in order that I can send them by email (you know pixels and........). If you like I can send a copy of Trojan club 1977 letter which has two Trojan drawings and almost 33 years ?