From: Carl Tantum

Sent: 29 October 2010 09:22

To: 'john macdougall'

Subject: RE: ovb 345

Dear John, Really pleased it was helpful - Leo is a post-war Trojan expert. He received Life Membership from the Club in recognition. He will continue I am sure to he helpful to you.

All the best - Carl

PS - Next newsletter after XMAS so your contribution and news is of real interest to the Members.

From: john macdougall

Sent: 28 October 2010 22:36


Subject: RE: ovb 345

Dear Carl, thanks for that, most interesting! When is the press date for the next newsletter? I may be able to add something of an up-date re Trojan OVB 345.

Based on Carls' news, I rushed out to buy a copy of "Classic Bus" Magazine today and, sure enough, there is the first picture I have ever seen of one identical to my Bus - all others I've seen have had detailed differences such as slimmer profile spatts over the rear wheels. Another interesting thing noted from the article Carl refers to is that the bus pictured, OVB 349, was seen in Ludlow, just a few miles from where my OVB 345 once operated at Lenrwerdine!

Pardon my ignorance, but the name Leo Pratt is familiar but can't think why. Is he a Trojan owner or"expert" (or both ?).

Thanks. John Macdougall.

Letter to Club from Leo Pratt

It was interesting to see the picture of the Trojan Minibus (OVB345) in the Aug-Oct issue of the club newsletter. I feel sure this vehicle has been featured or mentioned in our newsletter previously.

If memory serves correct, this was one of a pair of Trojans bodied by Strachan's in 1954 to PSV (public service vehicle) standard. Apparently it seems they were not sold/registered until late 1955 (OVB being Oct 1955) for reasons unknown. At the end of its working life OVB345 had become an engineless hulk, serving as an office in a dismantlers' yard. (Photo 1). She was rescued by Mr Ray Reid of London during the 1970's and gradually restored back to her former glory and "Napier" livery.

She did the Brighton run I recall around 1980, (Photo 2 - at Battersea start) and also the "Trans Pennine" Manchester to Harrogate run in the same year. (Photo 3 seen alongside my personnel carrier at the start).

I heard Ray had moved to Wales and I believe the Trojan went with him and to see it again in the N/L was a pleasant surprise.

Locating front wings for this motor might be a problem as I recall being told that these were specially made wider to accommodate the coachbuilt body, hence the non standard position of the sidelights, at the side instead of below the headlights.

Incidentally there is a photo of a very similar Trojan Bus in service many years ago on Page 26 of the current (Oct/Nov) "Classic Bus" Magazine.

I hope the above comments may be of some interest.

Leo R Pratt

From: Carl Tantum []

Sent: 30 August 2010 07:38

To: 'john macdougall'

Cc: 'David Hambleton'; 'Phil Potter'; 'Nigel Welch'

Subject: RE: Trojan Market Place

THAT IS SO SAD- I think David may be of some help to you with regards carl. There was another one on ebay which David may be able to tell you the dealers name etc.

From: john macdougall []

Sent: 29 August 2010 22:57


Subject: RE: Trojan Market Place

Dear Carl, thanks for that. I will contact David. I found out yesterday that the Trojan in the Devon scrapyard has been crushed - only the engine survived. I was devastated! I will keep searching. Regards, John




Subject: RE: Trojan Market Place

Date: Sun, 29 Aug 2010 08:19:50 +0100

Dear John - been watching the correspondence - all the best with your project - try David Hambleton also for help see copy to him above, he has a number of post war vehicles. Welcome also to the Club with regards carl Tantum Chairman

From: john macdougall []

Sent: 27 August 2010 21:35


Subject: RE: Trojan Market Place


Hi, thanks for info', I will persue the scrapyard bits asap!

Could you please add to "wants" list: gear box snubbers; radiator; front bumper; rear suspension bump stops / snubbers.

Many thanks, Regards, John




Subject: RE: Trojan Market Place

Date: Fri, 27 Aug 2010 10:32:53 +0100

Hi John


Sorry for delayed response.


1. The Club's spares supreme (David Vincent) has been copied in on this message - hopefully he may be able to help

2. Old Trojan in Scrap yard - I have found the original email I received concerning this, which may or may not help you.



Nigel Welch

TOC Webmaster

From: john macdougall []

Sent: 24 August 2010 20:55


Subject: Trojan Market Place


Hi, could you please place a "Wanted" in your column for Trojan 15cwt van spares for my 1954, 13 seat minibus restoration. Items of particular interest are: wings; bonnet; bumper; brake drums. Many other parts may be of interest. Also I am trying to find the whereabouts if the van pictured in a scrapyard on the TOC website homepage. Many thanks. John Macdougall (club membership application pending)

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Subject: Trojan Remains

Date: Mon, 14 Sep 2009 19:58:17 +0100

As an old vehicle nut I am contacting you in the hope that someone can salvage something from the sad remnant pictured. Just cleared from a local farm here in Crediton, Mid Devon.


As you can see the headlight glasses are in situ and the diesel part of the badging on the O/S/F is still there. Believe or not the engine (plus gear box) are still there looking complete which I assume is a P3? A large domed air filter unit can be seen through the near side bonnet side and the front wings might be of some use. There is no sign of any cab or body.


As there cannot be many Trojans turning up these days I hope somebody can act quickly to save something off this old girl. If I can be of any further help please contact me by e-mail or phone (01363 776091). The scrapyard is owned by Woods of Common Marsh Road (01363 776160), although they probably don't know they've got a Trojan!

From: john macdougall <>


Sent: Monday, 23 August, 2010 22:28:37

Subject: Bits In Devon Scrap Yard

Hi, I am restoring a 1954 Trojan 13 seat minibus based on the van body (OVB 345) with knackered wings etc; I live in Devon and would, therefore, very much appreciate finding out more about this one for spares! Please help!

Many thanks, Regards, John Macdougall.

P.S. Photo of my Trojan attached herewith