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04 April 2020

AGM  Atlee -Wilson Museum ,Calne, Wilts (Details TBA)

30 May 2020

Bob Coopers Battlefield Railway event (Details TBA)

June (TBA)

Revisit  Roger Triggol Clevedon (Details TBA)

August (TBA)

VSCC prescott (Details TBA)

26 September 2020

Bruce Youngs - Visit to Morgan Factory and Crombe Park RAF museum.   (Details TBA)

16 November 2020

Winter Gathering ,Grayshott  Details TBA)

** March 2020 IMPORTANT UPDATE **

All Club Events have been temporarily suspended due to the Covid19 outbreak.

It is hoped that normal service wil be resumed as soon as possible, but in the meantime please follow Government & NHS England’s advice