Chairmans Overview of the

54th Annual General Meeting of the

Trojan Owners Club

(Text only version)

The backdrop of steam trains chuffing in and out with Thomas the Tank engine on the front is emotive. Some of the carriages were set up as full dining cars with damask napkins and silver service. Flowers on the table, and lunch is served as the train does two complete runs to Alton and back. No wonder there is a two year waiting list.

The 19th. of April was a lovely day and all this was a fitting backdrop to the gathering of the Club members for this - the most important meeting of the year. I had left home in the Apollo early on Sunday morning and had a most enjoyable ride through the English countryside via Selborne and East Tisted arriving in some 45 minutes in Alresford. Parked up and then it was bizarre that the GT40 club arrived and requested permission to come alongside us !

So old friends gathered from 1000 hrs onwards. Dave Vincent's Brougham looking resplendent in maroon livery sporting a new hood.

There was much excitement concerning the Don Williams spares which were gratefully received. Peter Redman and Frankie with Tillie just looking wonderful and Peter says that it is so easy to start - so I am having my electric starter back !

Not even the sight of the sewage outfall manhole cover being called 'Trojan' could mar the day ! It certainly did not put us off our lunch at the Swan, where we had a room to ourselves and enjoyed an excellent meal. Peter Agg who attended the lunch as our new Club Patron for the first time, generously provided the drinks for which we were very grateful.

Then onto the meeting itself which lasted just under the two hours including tea kindly provided by Celia Potter.

The business of the Club seemed to go well, at least from my viewpoint and I am grateful to all those Officers for last year and for those who are continuing for another year.


  To John Woods for his work as Development Officer in 2008.

  To Chris Tordoff for taking on the Secretary's role.

The Awards were well deserved and were presented by Peter Agg with the exception of the Presidents Shield, which of course was made by Derrick Graham.

Presidents Shield to John Wilton. I quote from Derrick's testimonial -

"The recipient of the Presidents Shield this year is an engineer who has saved part of the heritage of the Trojan story. If for a moment I can take you back to 1929... Trojan Ltd. ran a works team in the national trials often with the Managing Director Basil Monk driving one of the cars. Time and time again their latest models, immaculately turned out were out-performed by a scruffy utility driven by a Flying Officer in a First World War helmet, leather coat and helmet. The difference was of course that he was an RAF boffin, skilled in the art of tuning aero engines to give extra power, who had applied his know-how to the basic Trojan engine.

Monk soon realised if you can't beat them best to join them and he asked Scroggs to give an opinion on their latest hotted up XL. I cannot remember exactly the words Arthur told me he used but basically it was that it was rubbish. At which point Monk asked him if he could improve it and gave him any works facilities that he needed. First stage was moving the carburettor next to the block and preheating the intake. The cylinders were made to take a removable aluminium head, and three of these were cast to give different compression ratios. Then all the passageways for the mixture were smoothed and polished and the result was a fantastic power output far above any previous Trojan engine.

The Company accepted all the design improvements where they did not cost too much money and so the PH engine was born. Sometime later on a visit to the works Scroggs noticed his prototype engine lying under a bench and asked if he could have it. In thanks for all the work he had done on the design Trojan built him a new 3 door and coupled it to a three speed gearbox of the type used on the RE. This then became the engine for Scroggs trials cars winning him numerous awards until in 1938 Trojans offered him RK 9788 which had been traded in for scrap. The prototype engine was duly fitted and was used up until 1964 when the head started to corrode away at the hose connection. Scroggs gave it to Marcus Croome to repair but Scroggs did not get it back before he died in 1965

John Wilton already having great success in trials on a tuned PH engine was determined to get the engine that had given Scroggs the extra power and bought Marcus Croomes car to get the prototype engine. Sadly it turned out that not only had the head corroded but the cylinder bores were porous and letting in water. No Trojan engine has been sleeved before but John got it done and also had a new aluminium head cast. The result is an engine that lets John cruise at 50 and gives him the trials performance so reminiscent of the Scroggs at his best.

John (plus Steve and Phil) have poured a vast amount of money and engineering skill to the project and John well deserves the Presidents Trophy for his outstanding contribution to Trojanning"

Heritage Trophy to Chris Tordoff

for the best progress on a restoration.

Phil Heading Trophy to Nigel Welch

for his outstanding personal contribution to the web site.

Scroggs Trophy to Steve Potter

for participation in Trials other than Club events

Editors Trophy (in the gift of the Editor) to Bob Adams

Rachel Hall Trophy to John Wilton

for the highest road mileage in 2008 - in excess of 3000 miles.

Bill Mumford Plaque - not awarded this year.

Atkinson Rosebowl to Carl Tantum

for best attendance at TOC events during the year 2008

John Perrett Award to Simon Bennett

for the best post war Trojan, his Ice-Cream van

There should be some pictures to go with the above but I am not so skilled as Bob Adams for inserting them in miniature in the text - yet !

At the end of the Awards John Woods presented a bottle of champagne to David Hambleton. This fulfilled a promise that John made to honour the person who had encouraged most new members. In David's case this was for the work he had done in bringing the ex-apprentices into the Club.

The cards having been signed for Diane Graham and Sidney Whithead were duly posted to them.

I presented Dave Vincent with a mileage record book as he now has 7 Trojans with instructions for completion every time he takes one out !

David Hambleton's contribution on the Trojan Museum Trust was both extraordinary and illuminating. Some 28 vehicles now with numerous other items - a full list is available on application to him via the web site. Well done David - just amazing.

So another good year, long may it continue.

Best wishes to everyone