Chairmans Jottings !

Wiltshire (Ansty) Rally - 6th September, 2009

Again I am a little late in putting this together. Was the run with the Achilles from my house to Ansty a little over 80 miles each way too far ?, not really in Steve Potter and John Wilton terms - but they rely on good engineering practice whereas I rely on faith !

I left at 0620 hrs with no conception of how long it would take me. I knew roughly the time to Alresford some 20 odd miles and I was there in 40 mins. Then a quick run I thought down to Winchester will be easy. Well it was until the Achilles started to miss and I limped into the centre of the town determined to get through it and I almost got as far as Stockbridge but stopped on Stockbridge Down in a suitable lay-by. I thought I will ring John Wilton he would be bound to come my way ! Poor chap - he was still in bed. You see John's car goes slightly faster than the rest of us.


John being the star he is agreed to come my way and I settled down for a relatively short wait. However nearly 4 hours later John I learnt took a different route and it was Phil Potter and Clive Brown who drove 40 mins. to the rescue. The Achilles had to be left there as the main jet was blocked and a bolt sheared off in the operation to start it. I amused myself meanwhile by chatting up an elderly guy who appeared from a Mercedes Van where he had been all night. He had severe arthritis which had come on 3 years previously and it turned out he was 24 months older than me. He had owned farmland over the Railway line at the Watercress Line and now lives in the IOM. Draw your own conclusions. When Clive and Myetta brought me back to the car much later at 1800hrs, this guy had put off his travels to guard the Achilles all day. What a generous chap. I rewarded him with a Trojan Badge which I did not really want to part with, however.

So I was very lucky thanks to Phil that I got to the Lunch at the Emblems Restaurant and then navigated for Chris Piercy around some beautiful countryside and then to tea at Fovant Village Hall. Some excellent clues and worthy winners in first for John Brown and second for Richard Potter. A number of Trojans, and long-distance prize to Bob Adams. Well done ! An excellent Rally well organised - the sort of thing we do well and it works.

Just to finish the saga - I said to Clive you shoot back and I will get recovered which I did. The AA were splendid and took the Achilles straight to John Wilton's garage which was kind of them and kind of him.

That only left me to get home, so the AA man dropped me off in Winchester and Paul (No1 son) arrived 15 minutes later to collect me and take me home, slightly tired but relieved that with everyone's help I had attended the day, participated and enjoyed it, and I knew the Achilles could not be in a better place.

See you all soon.

Regards Carl