I had intended to go in MK 2136 as a would be buyer wanted to see it on the Saturday at Goodwood. As it happened Dr. Kendle phoned from Torquay and bought it over the phone. He is restoring a 27hp Vauxhall and certainly knew his cars. He will I am sure be a careful owner of this 3 door tourer as his Mother trialled cars in the 1950's in much more powerful cars then Trojans but he has fond memories of Trojans. David Scott of Racing Red Motorsport also was very interested in the car but decided against it as he is living in northern France currently. However, he very kindly gave me a copy of 'Wheelspin' a 1948 publication by C A N May who was an MG trial specialist and this book is his reminiscences. There may be something about Trojans when I delve deeper.

So I decided to take the Apollo to Goodwood on the Saturday and complete with linen jacket and bow tie which my 5 year old grand-daughter described as a 'pretty bow under your chin', left to pick up Jack my 8 year old Grandson who was suitably attired in a flat cap etc. Again, as last year, going through Petworth we began to encounter some serious motoring machinery, and the steep hill after Duncton meant that they all had to be patient. To the most part they were and appreciated my efforts with friendly waves and toots !

I thought we were late but in fact we achieved pole position by the buses in the exempt car park and as soon as we arrived there were interested parties asking and looking in sheer, I have to say it, admiration ! It helps that the history is written up and left for them to peruse. So off to admire the glamour girls and to meet up with Paul my son for a fantastic day. We went the far side of the track and saw some amazing saloon and historic supercar racing. The Battle of Britain Memorial flight had had a busy year this being the 70th. Anniversary, but in formation we saw the Hurricane, the Spitfire and the Lancaster.

The day was just right not as hot as last year. Towards the end we took Jack on the fun fair and I bought a Panama for £10, which was the cheapest thing all day ! Arriving back at 1700 hrs at the Car where there were still admirers I found a note from a guy called Paul who painted the wheels and wings in Port Elizabethe where he had a body shop and he left his number and said how nice it was to see the car again - what a small world. I intend to ring him shortly. He may not know that David has passed away.

So the day came to a tiring end with the repeat journey, much tooting and waving as the fast boys came past. The Apollo behaved impeccably of course !

Jack really enjoyed himself which is what it is all about !

Carl Tantum.19.09.10.