Sparkling Sparkford !

Rare Breeds Rally 5th September 2010

Well not quite so idyllic ! Dry early when I left @ 0630 hrs, raining en route, then it cleared up for the main Rally, and for the run home it was mostly dry.

The Chevvy pick-up, 4 years old, which was the towing vehicle packed up with an electronic still undiagnosed fault 4 days before the Rally so I decided to drive the 82 year old vehicle the Apollo Trojan there and back ! . The 190 miles there and back took 3.5 hours each way so I was at the Museum by just about 1000hrs to have my veggie equivalent of the bacon buttie on offer, after sliding into my slot and erecting the Trojan banner.

There were five of us, Steve and Richard Potter, with Phil and Dave Vincent and myself. There was a constant stream of excited interest in the Trojans and this went on all day. It was sometime before I could get into the Museum to view the specialist Ferrari exhibition, the exotic and mind-blowing Duesenburg's and a whole host of Automobiles too numerous to mention. It is a staggeringly comprehensive collection and well worth the visit.

There were 98 Rare Breeds entrants and there was a 26 mile run after lunch, then tea and the Parade. By that time I had gone as I wanted to be back in the daylight. I must say the standard of driving on the A303 left much to be desired - not me - everyone else !

There was time to talk through with Steve and Celia the membership situation which has been retrieved somewhat. It was good to see 'Mac' McKenzie there, he had driven the 140 miles each way and stayed the night to break the journey. He'd had better news from the 'Doc' and was looking very fit. Mac - I think you get the long-distance prize !

The highlight of the day was the - quite by chance - appearance of Paul Tucker and his son Mark who is over from Melbourne for 3 months. Paul we knew of, but had never met. He is the proud owner for the last 40 years of the only other RE. The other two you will remember are with David Vincent and with the rear-engine Museum in USA. So Paul joined as a Member on the spot and we very much look forward to meeting with him again soon. A very warm welcome Paul and to your son Mark. (Who is going to look up my son in Adelaide !) In the meantime Paul is going to meet up with Dave Vincent and look at his RE. As my Mother was a 'Tucker', Paul may find that he is related to me ! Bad luck Paul !

The benefit in joining with others at this Rally became all too evident, tremendous interest in our marque from some very good engineers and car owners. We have to keep showing the flag and preserving our interest in Trojans for the benefit of a wider audience.

Carl Tantum

PS The pictures show a delighted Paul Tucker with his son and friend just off for a ride with Dave Vincent.