The purpose of the Chairman's report in my book is to be brief, be sincere and be seated ! However, you may have to suffer a little longer !

This is a prestige venue and suits us very well. Thank you Chris for so ably organising it for us. The RAF tender looks splendid and you will all have read the articles in the newsletters. An extraordinary story of Trojan's involvement with the RAF. It is a shame that Peter Gates could not be here. We send him our best wishes. It also evokes memories of the Junior Trojan Club with Clive Brown, the late Mike Roberts, Nick Bowering and Roger Thorn.

Much of the last year was business as usual. That is an achievement in itself as small one-make car Clubs inevitably have the need to rely on the goodwill and voluntary help of its members. Although Christine will report on membership the Club at the end of this did well and several new Members have joined. Recently Tony Stephens who bought John Brown's car and Malcolm Harris. Most join through the website nowadays. I want to restate the Club's grateful appreciation for all that David Hambleton has done for the Club and not just the Newsletter. His continual high profile in the Trojan Trust is exemplary and there is no doubt that this helps us as well. David - you have done always for the Club an outstanding joj both as Secretary and the last 6 years as Newsletter Editor and this is quite rightly being recognised in the Awards today. I would like to thanks Mac. For his wonderful articles and his amazing memory. Mac very good to see you here today after all your health problems. Bob Adams has throughout this year again brought the Archives alive and this is a source of continual fascination and the mark of a true historian. Without Phil, Steve and John with their engineering skills the Club would really be struggling so thanks guys. You continue to make a really positive contribution, and with Chris Piercy do most of the trialling.. Christine Potter is coming to the end of a 5 year term as Treasurer and membership secretary again this will be recognised today in the Awards. There is a lot of work involved and the Club have been very lucky to have your accuracy and expertise at its disposal. Phil warm thanks to you for your positive input - very grateful. The Newsbrief have been inspirational and these run monthly or bi-monthly and with the 6 editions of the Newsletter the Membership is well informed. The Newsbriefs are particularly well received overseas. The website is in continual evolvement and the Club is very grateful to Nigel for his prompt and reliable service the Club in this regard.

David Vincent has continued to a do a sterling job - his work is essential and he does it without fuss and has provided the storage of the spares for us for some years now. Thank you so much David. I know that Brian Hounsfield has not been well and I am hoping for an update today. A card was sent to Brian and Wendy recently on your behalf just prior to his operation. Peter Agg of course cannot be with us and he has been in hospital with a heart problem op. Again best wishes were sent on your behalf.

The Committee has met regularly this last year always at Larkfield which means they all travelled and I did not - thanks for that ! Most matters were dealt with fairly easily as we continue to do the things that we do best. The events were excellent and thanks very much to the excellent organisers. The Officers all did an excellent job on your behalf and most are standing again to assist the Club for the next year. On your behalf I would like to thank them, particularly Chris Tordoff, your Secretary, of course, and those standing for vacancies.

We sent a copy of the Film -'Can you afford to Walk' to Nigel Bowman at Launceston, and I understand from Jim Stone that it is up and running.

We sent an Award called the Patricia Stocken Memorial Trophy to the VSCC Light Car Section and the first recipient was fittingly John Brown !

I had an email this week from David Hambleton suggesting we should target post war van owners as members and Trojan McLaren owners in the USA as potential members. I had no idea of the numbers involved but David thinks there are 150 post war van owners and 100 McLaren owners which astounded me. Good idea David, and the Committee will look at this obviously. I am hoping Phil will be able to put up his slide showing 75 Trojan vehicles that he has found of which 57 are chain-driven and those that are roadworthy currently under 30 ! I think at Gaydon for the 50th we had just over 30. At the end of May we need to see you at Gaydon and if you have not booked please see me I need your support ! The enthusiasm of the Members in NZ and Australia is amazing. You will have read Janice Moore's delightful contribution from Dunedin.

Thank you for listening.