The 2nd National Two-Stroke Rally

Before I report on the Rally I had sad news to report to those present at Gaydon yesterday, and that was the death of Brian Hounsfield, His funeral is shortly and the Club will be represented.

I have asked the President to write a few words on Brian's contribution. He will be greatly missed by us of course. Our sympathy to Wendy and to all Brian's family. May he rest in Peace.

It was Brian who sent me an email the day before he died to tell me that David Hounsfield his cousin has passed away two weeks previously with cancer.

David bought the Apollo at the Sotheby's auction in the 1960's and took it to his home in Port Elizabeth. He regretted selling it always and lost touch with it when it went into a container in Jo'burg for 20 or so years. I called to see him before the car was found and brought to England. So the wheel came round full circle when I was able to write to him to tell him that I had purchased it and once again the car was safe.

He has been a member ever since. Our sympathies to his widow.

The mortality to which we will all succumb is so overriding that going onto write about the Rally at Gaydon does not seem appropriate somehow.

However it was an important occasion for the Club being the second National Two-Stroke Rally. Organised by us is quite something as there is no doubt that we are 'punching above our weight'. It brings greater awareness of the TOC unlike any other medium. For example the advert in Classic Car Weekly advertising the event did bring in people on the day both spectators and entrants. That magazine is bought by 40000 people each week and read by 60000. I have not looked at our website to see if the numbers visiting increased but I know enquiries were made through it. We had about 65 entries about 20 more than last year. You may have seen also the national publicity in a number of the motoring journals.

It is quite hard work and essentially on the day a team effort. I am grateful to all who came and assisted. The organisation on the day could have been more convincing but we are still in a learning curve. The weather was good and the TOC Members being a friendly bunch ensured that everyone who could had a ride or was exposed in some way to Trojan eccentricities !! David Hambleton was there I was pleased to see with the Trojan Trust an essential experience. So to all of you many thanks for your help.

See you soon.