Bursledon Brickwork Event - 18th July 2010

The day started with a lunchtime meet at the Elm Tree pub for lunch. Carl brought the Achilles, John and Barbara RU1977, Steve and Celia MK6812, John and Pat Price NK7124. Unfortunately my car is off the road for much needed maintenance but that's another story. I brought my 9 year old daughter along for her first Trojan event. For some bizarre reason she has shown a lot of interest in mine and Grandpa's Trojans. After lunch we proceeded down the road about a mile to the large iron gates of the brickworks. The Trojans parked up with the other classic vehicles. We were sharing this event with the South Hants Vehicle Preservation Society. There was a selection of classic bikes, cars and steam engines. There was a lot of interest in the Trojans.

The museum itself was very interesting, offering a detailed insight into the art of brick and tile manufacture. The museum is a work in progress. We took a ride behind a traction engine. The engineering and power of these machines fascinates me. I'm a great fan of steam powered vehicles. Outside there is a narrow gauge rail line which you can have a ride on. My daughter wanted several goes on this. So I did the right thing and had several goes. We were pulled along by a steam loco.

There was also another line with petrol shunting wagons. These used Dorman engines. Talking to the driver they said its very thirsty. We had a ride up this line too.

The weather was good to us and the museum was a great location. It would have been nice to see a few more members though.

Richard Potter