The Hampshire Rally               18th July 2010

The day dawned overcast with a bright sunny forecast which was exactly what happened. Steve Potter had emailed me to say there would only be a few of us and would I be at John Wilton's at 1130hrs.

So I moved a couple of Trojans around early - pumped up some tyres and various other mini mechanical jobs that I can do (!) and left at 1000 hrs only to go a third of a mile and had to come back for the tow rope which on previous occasions has proved vital. Starting off again the Achilles began to falter unusually after a short distance until I realised I had pulled the mixture lever too low. By 1115 hours with a swift journey down the M27 I was at John's house and then followed Babs and John to the Elms pub for some very good food. Some 16 of us sat down and I was very pleased to see Mac Mackenzie who had driven some 85 miles and he was looking very well.

There were four Trojans, John Wilton's, Steve Potter's, John and Pat Price's and the Achilles.

Burseldon Brick Works is a Victorian collection of everything about making bricks, but there is so much more. Traction engines giving rides, mine was an 1899 monster capable of pulling 30 tons. There were craft stalls and an excellent Café. All manned by willing and helpful volunteers.

Our presence bolstered the Classic and Vintage Cars present as the South Hants Vehicle Preservation Society members were there also in some numbers.

What was amazing was the degree of in-depth interest in Trojans. There were long explanations of how it all worked and heads shaking in amazement that it did work !

The Trojans left circa 1600 hours after a very good day well fed and watered and with plenty to keep us interested.

On the way back the Trojan developed a clonk but it soon passed !

At the Brick Works someone noticed a wheel nut missing and I did have a spare only to find it was the wrong thread. It was then found that other nuts were loose so that was lucky and John soon fixed me up with a spare at his house. Plus a nice cup of tea, a drive around the block to make sure all was well with the Achilles and I was on my way back to Headley which I accomplished in some 40 mins at 40/45 mph !

A good day and many thanks once again to Steve and John for organising. Carl