Trojan Car Rally in Oxfordshire

Trojan Rally held on Sunday 26 July 2009

By Maureen D. Copping

We all arrived at David Hambleton's house at Fyfield, Oxfordshire for coffee and the start of the rally. Mike Reed and I left Crawley about 8 am and on approaching Fyfield we overtook a brown Trojan car. At the next junction we pulled into a lay-by and were overtaken by the same brown Trojan car. We never saw this vehicle again, as by the time we had reached David's house the car and occupants had disappeared. We later found out that it was driven by John Price and his wife who had broken down.

It appears that Richard Potter also broke down on the way and did not make it. For those who did, blue seemed to be the colour of the day - Trojan blue! Only five vehicles joined in on the Treasure Hunt.

Those present were -

Joanna and John Brown

Maureen Copping

Pam and Rowland Finn

Helen and Richard Franklin

Katherine and David Hambleton, Ben and Frances

David Keyner

Martin McKeller

Derek Graham Mills

John Mills from New Zealand

Ceila and Steve Potter

Mike Reed

David Vincent

Jean Wright

Lunch was held at Richard and Helen Franklin's house. But to get there we first had to take part in the treasure hunt. There was an option half way round to take a short route to Richard's house or continue the long way and complete all the 12 questions. I am sorry to say that I only did the first half, as we did not like the change in the weather!

For those interested in the treasure hunt it was to Burford, Oxfordshire and back again.

The first clue was how do you make wilting blooms recover?

Answer put them in a glass of beer. We passed a Greene King public house by the name of the Rose Revived.

The second clue and we felt that it should have come before the first one as this flower that blooms in Standlake was a Maybush. The clue was that it might be a shrub. We passed this before finding the pub.

Clue 3 - What exotic flower blooms at Standlake? Answer Jacaranda.

Clue 4 - What is rouge and rampant round here? Well I knew that rouge referred to red and rampant indicated a lion. So the Red Lion was this answer.

Clue 5 - What man fools around here with bells on? That indicated to me Morris dancers. So when we passed a pub by the name of the Morris Clown, then as Bampton is famous in folksy circles for this activity, I new it had to be right.

Clue 6 - A gypsy resort? This had to be the Romany Inn.

At this point we had a touch of rain so John Vincent, Mike Reed and I decided that as hunger pains were kicking in, we took the short option and drove to the Franklin's house. So we did not venture into Burford, which I had not seen for over 30 years.

Clue 7 - Limbs of which artisans are to be found here? Answer Carpenters' Arms and Mason's Arms.

Clue 8 - Are the arboreal decorations diminutive here? Answer no, they're Tall Trees.

Clue 9 - Carl should feel at home here! So might one your hosts. Answer the Shaven Crown. Carl was unfortunately unable to make the trip so the joke fell flat.

Clue 10 - This clue is for sharp eyed antiquarians! We award bonus points if you get it. This house once provided a stipend to support a member of a cathedral or collegiate church. Answer The Old Prebendal House.

Clue 11 - who was on the throne when the Plough Inn was established? Answer the pub was established in 1772 so King George III was on the throne.

Clue 12 - A collective noun for a bunch of digits, with the implement thereby wielded. Answer Hand and Shears.

A big thank you to Helen and Richard for providing such marvellous refreshments. Also thanks to be given to Peter Agg who sent an apology for not attending and a cheque for expenses.

Now we all look forward to the next rally in Dorset and Hampshire.