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Trojan Hampshire Rally - 28 June, 2009

Chairman's Jottings.

A personal note of thanks to Steve, John, Richard and Celia for an excellent day out at Portsmouth Dockyard and the HMS Victory on Sunday 28th. June.

We had left with all three Trojans, the Apollo, the Achilles, and the Tourer MK2136, with myself, Tony, my cousin and Nigel Welch happily enjoying ourselves when we stopped to check on directions and then found the Apollo was losing water.

So we left it in a secure place. I am still not sure there is anything wrong with it. I then went off in the Achilles and left Nigel with a car that would not start. Nigel dragged his poor wife Sue out with Christopher their son to bump start him and eventually we all met up at the Rusty Cutter for a lovely meal.

The subsequent drive along the front was a night mare as there was too much traffic and we all overheated. However, we were soon at the Dockyard and through Security and parked alongside the Victory - what a backdrop !  Lovely tour of the iconic vessel and tea in the PO's Mess, on board - what a privilege .  

The Trojan Banner thanks to John Wilton's ingenious securing device was proudly displayed and I cannot think of a better venue or occasion.

Well done everyone involved, the turnout speaks for itself. Masses of Trojans and lots of Members - a very popular Rally - and well organised. Thanks.

Carl Tantum